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Programms of the Ministry

Programms of the Ministry

Guidelines for Different Programmes
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NST Fellowship Programme

A good number of highly educated men and women having higher degrees in Science and Information & Communication Technology do not get suitable employment after completion of their studies. Most of them get absorbed in professions not commensurate with their field of study resulting in wastage and misuse of talent. This has become a serious handicap for the country in building a cadre of scientists and technologists. Following the decisions of the National Council for Science & Technology (NCST), the National Science & Technology Fellowship Programme was launched in 1977 for proper utilization of talents to provide employment opportunity and to build up a cadre of scientists and technologists which in the long run would play a vital role in the socio-economic development of the country.
The Objectives of NST Fellowship Programme are:

  • To create professional work opportunities for qualified persons in Science and Information & Communication Technology with a view to utilize their talent for the development of country;

  • To develop a cadre of scientists and technologists having professional qualification and experience to meet shortage of such manpower; and

  • To provide training to science and technology graduates in various scientific and technological professions including research and development, management and operation, policy and planning, survey and studies, etc.

Types of Fellowship

Three types of fellowship are awarded annually on the basis of academic attainments, merit and experience. Graduates in Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture and Masters of Science having good academic background, without any experience and not employed elsewhere are given Ordinary Fellowship which provides a monthly stipend of Tk. 2200/- and 2850/-. Persons having post graduate Degree/training in the above disciplines are given Senior Fellowship of Tk. 4800/- and Tk. 6300/- per month depending on qualifications and experiences. Expert Fellowships of Tk. 7800/- per month are awarded to distinguished scientists and technologists having a minimum 15 years of experience in their professions.

Management of Fellowship Programme

The Fellowship programme is administered by the Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology. The Ministry is responsible for general policymaking, formulation of programme and budget. The individual research organizations exercise administrative and academic control over the fellows placed under them and they are responsible for supervision of assigned work and for providing necessary facilities to the fellows. Fellows are to submit their quarterly progress reports through their supervisors to the Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology.

Initially fellowships are offered for one year but some fellowships are renewed next year on the basis of recommendations of the supervisors and the evaluation committee. During the period from 1977 to 2001 total number of 3556 fellowships were awarded. Information on the fellowship programme of last 5 years e.e. 1996-2001 is given below.

   Year  Budget Allocation
(In lakh taka)
Fellowship No.
Total Exp.(In lakh taka)

R & D Programme

Taka 27.50 lakh is allocated every year for funding of R & D project. This amount of money is spent for a limited number of innovative technologies, research projects relevant to socio-economic development of the country. The recipients of the grant are scientists working in different R & D organizations as well as by individuals. The fields in which project proposals are invited are:

  • Biology, Medical & Nutrition;

  • Engineering, Electronics & Energy;
  • Environment & Agriculture;
  • Physical Sciences.

Creating Skilled IT Professionals

To produce world class computer programmers/trainers, government has allocated 15 crore taka to five public universities namely Dhaka, BUET, Rajshahi, Khulna and Shahjalal Science and Technology universities to conduct post graduate diploma course on ICT. To conduct this program effectively and smoothly this Ministry has recently formulated a guideline and course curriculum.

ICT Incubator

This Ministry has set up an ICT Incubator on 1st November 2002 at a cost of Taka 36 million in the BSRS Bhaban at Kawran Bazar, Dhaka with an estimated space areas of 68,000 square-feet. This space area is being exclusively allocated to the ICT related organizations in the Private Sector and to entrepreneurs involved/engaged in Software and IT enabled services working for the markets both in home and abroad. The high speed Internet and dedicated power connection have been provided to the ICT companies of this Incubator. The Software and IT enabled service companies of this Incubator have already started their business. A space of 43,000 square-feet of this Incubator has already been allocated to 32 organizations and the rest portion will be allocated very soon.


The objectives for the creation of Technology Incubation Centers are as follows

  • To encourage and facilitate the formation and growth of new businesses based upon the research knowledge and expertise available within the country.

  • To build an established infrastructure of capable, modern sub-contracting companies.

  • To provide a source of self-employment and entrepreneurship development for the talented youths

  • To help create close links and better understanding between universities, research institutes and industries

  • To enable new technology based companies to get expert advice on business development, financing and technology from the universities / research institutes

  • · To provide a conducive working environment for research and development.

Services and Facilities are being provided by the Incubation center

The Incubation Center is now providing the following Services/facilities to the activities of Software and IT enabled service companies/organizations mostly in the private sector

  • Building services Business, Management and technical consultation

  • Information network services through a worldwide network of databases

  • Access to overseas technologies, expertise and environment

  • Assistance to obtaining accredited technical standards

  • Liaison with statutory bodies

  • Access to seed or venture capital fund

  • Access to the marketing network and distribution channel

  • Meeting rooms with complete facilities to exchange the activities of all kinds to initiate the business opportunity and enhance the distinguished image of the center

  • An auditorium with theatre-style seating and latest audio-visual equipment

  • An exhibition area with impressive features that provide efficient, convenient and cost effective support for the tenants' activities

  • An open-terrace cafeteria

  • Infrastructure comprising Local Area Network (LAN), Wide area Network (WAN), electricity, water, telephone, telecommunication systems




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