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Your Goverment Has Failed You !

We Will Take You Down !

You know, We  control you and see you and watch your crimes against our people The Palestinian peopleAnd As usual, your site was hacked By Us .. We dont  like to talk a lot About Us .. You Know us ! 

We Are Back ... and your site in danger .. its late to expect us !
A little Message For You .. Fuck You ,, We are Palestinian Hackers ! And tell Your Goverment To Stay Away From Palestine
We will release all your crimes against humanity. Everyone knows your crimes against the Palestinians will stop .. but .. we will spend on each person or government do anything against the Palestinians .. 
 U have special weapons we possess the minds of the electronic and our goal erase Your Gov from the World Wide Web

Admin : Fuck You !
Goverment  Of Admin : Failed !
Security : 100% But We can Overcomes Protechtion !
Message : You Read It !
FreeDom  For : Palestine , MOoDYPL , Palestine Prisoner !

Expect Us ! & Try To Catch Us :D

 Virus Noir Ps | Dont Forget This Name Never !

See You LoOser !


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